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Welcome to my web site!

Hi, My name is John W. Wheat. A native of Toledo, Ohio, I developed a fine respect and extreme love for nature and the great outdoors particularly while advancing in the ranks of the Boy Scouts. My father worked for the Toledo Art Museum where I was inspired by the Master's in realism quest for visual perfection and exactness of detail. a field trip to Washington D.C. and seeing how the Smithsonian documented nature even under a microscope to its exact size, color and texture really gave me a thirst to know how to draw. As I grew up learning Architectural drafting and color photography gave insight into what i was looking at and how to draw and paint.

The very first words out of most people, are " I cant draw even a straight line." Me TOO. all that is needed is a passion to draw or paint, passion will give you the time it takes to sit or stand for long periods of time to complete a large Mural no matter how detailed the subject my be. I started out small, but found out quickly how much easier drawing or painting became the larger you scale up the work. For instance an eye of a tiger on a 8X10 painting would be about the size of pencil eraser, the same eye on a wall 14ft. X 14ft. is now the size of half dollar, and so giving you more room for allot of detail in that area, and much easier to work with. Learning how to SEE and looking at what we have looked at all our lives and taken for granted,. Some one in school had to teach you to read and write, but your SEEING we all learned the minute we opened our eye's at birth, no one since has taken the time to explain why we SEE what we see. that's why I say that our sight as a hole has just been taken for granted. The same skills needed to read and write apply to learning to SEE and read what you SEE into a usable tool to draw or paint are pretty much the same skills involved. I can teach you through hands on transfer skills with just a simple metric ruler and pencil and paper. Once you really see - - what you are looking at and can translate exactly why this or that looks the why it dose then its just a matter of transferring (What you SEE and not what you think) to canvas or paper or any surface. Once you get the image you want to the size you want then its like putting together a large puzzle, and here is were it takes time (one peace at a time, (like one brick) in a large wall brick by brick till you have a complete wall) and i Can show you how transfer that one brick and then the next no matter what size or shape the brick takes, just remember that Bigger is better and easier to work with. Or if you are looking to have a mural done, painting, portrait, or drawing, of a favorite picture you have, I am available

Instead of learning how too,I give free estimates on local commissions, Cape Coral, Ft.Myers, Naples,Florida Area or will travel outside of Florida = call we will talk about it. = at: 239-297-0896 or leave a message at: 239-549-6400. and at: ljwheat@mindspring.com Help me paint your Mural by learning what I have to teach you, and get a big discount and learn to paint and draw. I am working on a down loadable version of my class that I give in person, with text, photo's in full detail on how its done to be a self taught Artist.


7 X 9 ft. Garage Door Mural
Two Different pic over lay with Acrylic outdoor paint

48x28 Acrylic on canvas
FREE estiments in Cape Coral, Ft. Myers, Naples, Fl.

I love cat's, but here I have Painted Two life Size Tiger's on my Living room wall. 14 X 14 ft. Acrylic interior Latex wall paint on Drywall. Using 4 different photograph's


20 Five Hour Day's to paint this 14ft. X 14ft. interior acrylic latex wall paint on Drywall


You can e-mail me at: ljwheat@mindspring.com

ljwheat * 35 27 sw 9th ave. * Cape Coral * FLORIDA * 33914